Approaching Magic Practice: How to Practice Magic Tricks

Approaching Magic Practice: How to Practice Magic Tricks
Approaching Magic Practice: How to Practice Magic Tricks (click images to enlarge)

Approaching Magic Practice: How to Practice Magic Tricks

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Effective Practice Techniques for Magicians.

Over the years, many magicians visit the magic shop to get personal tuition or simply for us to help with a routine or technique they are struggling to learn. There is often a common reason for their lack of progress:

The method of practice they are using to learn their magic tricks.

Do you find that you are spending a great deal of time 'practicing your magic' but seem to be making little progress? Do you get disheartened because you don't seem to be able to perform a trick as well as you feel you should?

In this book, Dominic Reyes shares advice and techniques he has learned about effective magic practice over more than 20 years. The book is intended to give you a structured plan of action, ways to get faster results, and practical tips that will make a huge difference to your approach to learning magic tricks.

You Will Learn:

Why magicians waste so much time getting little result
How to avoid the 'pitfall of choice'
A structured, focused practice program
Ways to stay motivated
How to judge your progress
The psychology of practice techniques
How to spot and correct errors
Example study programs
Ways to Improve your existing material
How to build a presentation into your practice
The 20/20/20 method of practice
Techniques to avoid performance drift
How to set practice goals
The best way to remove a practice plateau
And much, much more

Dominic Reyes BSc Psychology M.M.C has been performing magic professionally for over 20 years. He is a Member of The Magic Circle, and teaches magicians worldwide. Dominic is the owner of The Merchant of Magic, the largest magic shop in Europe.

'This eBook contains everything I felt I should do, but never did. I have read the book and within 1 week of following it have noticeably improved'. - Ed Thurlow

'I think this is a really great e-book, lots of very useful information and suggestions - I definitely have to implement some of these strategies. Hard to pick a favourite, but I think a great idea for me is "choice is your enemy when it comes to getting things done" - something I really need to keep in mind!' - Dan Pearman

'This is what I have needed for so long, and the book is full of very wise and useful information thank you 5 out of 5' - David Phillips

'You captured perfectly what “I am” vis-à-vis magic. And your advice on what to do in many circumstances is priceless. Your book is gold. It made me re-think what I am doing, why I love card magic, and plan out a better way to enjoy it.' - Barrett Sweet

'Approaching Magic Practice was exactly what I had hoped it would be. Thank you!!!' - Simon Cottingham

'I've attended a few of your training sessions and always found them useful. Having everything spelled out clearly for me in a book is a great help.' - Damien Wilson.

'Useful stuff in that book. Effects rarely come with advice on how to learn them, so this was invaluable' - Meric D

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