Magic Tricks Creating Fine Art Magic


Magic Tricks Creating Fine Art Magic

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Magic Methods Creating Fine Art Magic is the most substantial magic publication on the market for beginner, intermediate and sophisticated magicians. It includes over 12 new Outstanding magic tricks, new sophisticated sleights, lots of tips on the best ways to produce and structure strong magic regimens that get high influence, it is compiled especially for magicians.This is revolutionary new magic that is: Solid New Presentations, Super Visual, Extraordinary,
Cutting-edge & Advanced New Techniques!Never prior to has any type of one publication explored the art of Magic with a lot inside secrets and magic wisdom!Learn Astonishing New Magic! Outstanding New Presentations
, Diabolical Advanced New Methods!The knowledge contained in this publication will assist you on your enchanting path and will teach you important lessons regarding the art of magic.Every solitary magic technique and secrets in this publication of knowledge will open your eyes to vital aspects of being a
extra imaginative and initial professional magician.Magic Methods Creating Fine Art Magic is a MUST READ for every illusionist, and is a terrific addition to any type of magicians library.Includes every one of this Extraordinary Magic: Phase # 1-PRELIMINARY QUESTIONS OF SURREALLUSION SYSTEM Phase # 2 -CRITERION FOR An ART ILLUSIONIST Phase # 3-Understanding Fine Art Magic Phase # 4-Structuring New Magic Phase # 5 - USING A CHALLENGE TO CREATE MAGIC Phase # 6-The
Process of Creating Magic Phase # 7 -Some Tools for
boosting your Magic Phase # 8-The Secret Formula for Creating New Magic Phase # 9- Even More Tips on Creating Magic Magic Area: Phase # 10-Work of arts of Magic New Finale Suggestions for the ACR Darin Martineau
's authorized Card in lot of money cookie Card in orange Torn Edge to Chocolate UNDETECTABLE DECK WITH ROUTINE DECK THE HALF-AND-HALF SHADE ADJUSTMENT - an innovative shade change!The Spin-Out
Switch -This is an innovative card sleight that has lots of applications.THE STEALTH BUTTON -This is an effective and diabolical new 4 for 4 card switch.THE UNDETECTABLE VACATIONERS- A hyper-visual method to do the traditional taking a trip aces effect!THE LIFE BOAT-
This is an attractive and imaginative new card regimen that additionally shows my theory on just how embellishments might be combined functionally with magic.ILLUSIVE SILVER- This result is a very aesthetic version of matrix with one card and four coins, with a reverse matrix. THE TELEPORTING COINS- This is my modern-day version of the traditional
coins across. Consists of an innovative new one-handed hang ping chen!THE DRAGON GATE-EFFECT: This is an amazing and aesthetic new card magic routine!The spectator chooses a card and it is lost in the deck.The illusionist
shows 4 empty cards with a photo of a koi fish on each
one; One koi fish made use of each card. He after that talks about the the real world Chinese tale of the koi fish that
swim up heavy steam; up the yellow river and leap out of the water and with the enchanting dragon gate to amazingly change into dragons!He very amazingly changes each image of the koi fish right into a photo of
a dragon!Finally; one of the dragon images vanish and one card transforms blank!The deck is spread out and one card is revealed
to have a fire back design on it in the middle of the pack, this card is transformed face-up and is revealed to be the choice and it has the image of the dragon on it!Darin Martineau is the protege of world class Card Specialist Allan Ackerman: the protege of the epic Ed Marlo!Darin is a magic designer, coach and a worldwide best marketing author of over 66 magic books!

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