Parlor Magic


Parlor Magic

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Manufacturer Description

The Spectral Light 1
Interested Adjustment of Hues 2
The Protean Light 2
The Chameleon Flowers 3
To alter the Hues of Flowers ... 3
Adjustments of the Poppy 3
To change-the Colour of a Rose 4
Light transforming White right into Black ... 4
The Visibly expanding Acorn 4
Adjustments in Sap-Green 5
To revive obviously dead Plants ... 5
Particular impact of Tears 5
Beauties of Condensation 5
To take shape Camphor 7
Crystallized Tin 7
Crystals in difficult Water 7
Ranges of Crystals 7
Heat from Condensation 8
Magnificent Sublimation 8
Artiflciallce, 8
Magic Inks 8
Chameleon Liquids 9
The Magic Dyes 9

Artificial Mirage 15
Movement of the Eye 16
Wine changed into Water 10
2 colourless transparent Fluids come to be black and also opaque ... 10
2 colourless Fluids make a coloured one 10
Adjustment of colour by colourless Fluids 10
To alter a Blue Fluid to White ... II
Veritable "Black" Tea 11
Restoration of Colour by Water 11
The Magic Creating 12
2 Fluids make a Solid 12
2 Solids make a Fluid 12
A strong opaque mass made a trans-
moms and dad Fluid 12
2 cold Fluids make a warm one ... 12
Quadruple Transmutation 18
Quintuple Transmutation 13
Combination of Hues 13
Union of 2 Metals without warm ... 13
Magic Breath 13
2 Bitters make a Sweet H
Visible and also Unseen ^ H
Single Vision with 2 Eyes 17
2 items considereded as one 17
Just one item can be seen at a time 18
Straight items seen jagged 18
Visual fallacy 19
Focus 19
Optical Deception 20
Precision of Sight 20
Visual Deception 21
Handwriting upon the Wall surface 21
Artful Haloes 21
To read a Coin in the dark 22
To make a Prism 22
Optical Enhancement 23
Gold Fish in a glass World 24
Hues created by the unequal
activity of Light upon the Eyes ... 24
Optical Deception 25
Coloured Shadows 25
Hues of Scratches 25
Ocular Spectra 26
Beautiful Hues of Mother of
Pearl 26
White Letters seen even more compared to
Black 27
Artificial Rainbow 27
Edge" regarding a Candle light 27
The Dual Coloured Representation ... 28
Luminous Cross 28
Ring of Hues round a Candle light ... 28
Simple and also Low-cost Opera-glass 29
Multiplying Theatres 29
Apparatus for Creating in the Dark 30
Portable Microscopic lense 31
The Phenakisticope or Stoboscope ... 32
To check out the Sun without injury ... 33
Brilliant Water Mirror 33
Visual fallacy under Water 33
The Magic Wheels 34
Acoustic Rainbow 35
Transmission of Sound 35
Progression of Sound 37
Audio turning Corners 37
To tell the range of Rumbling 38
Hearing by the Touch 38
Discussion for the Deaf 38
Glass broken by the Voice 39
Figures created by Sound 39
Sent Vibration 40
Dual Vibration 40
Sparkling wine and also Sound 40
Songs from Palisades 41
Concept of the Jew's Harp 41
Songs of the Snail 42
To tune a Guitar without the
support of the Ear 42
Songs from Glass or Metal Poles ... 42
The Tuning-fork a Flute-player 43
Musical Bottles 44
Concept of Whispering 44
Concept of the Voice 44
Sound along a Wall 45
Appears more audible by Evening compared to by Day 45
Musical Echo 45
Ventriloquism 48

Flashes of Light upon revolving
Wheels 51
Decomposition of Light 52
Solar Refraction 52
Staged Necromancies 53
To mimic the Light of the Sea 53
Instantaneous Lights 54
To colour the Fire of a Candle light
To divide the Fire of a Candle light
Walking cane Wick Light 56
Camphor and also Platinum Light 56
Platinum and also Ether Light 56
Drifting Light 57
Replacement for a Wax Taper 57
Phosphorescent Fish 57
The Luminescent Spectre 57
Light, a Painter 58
Effect of Light upon Condensation 58
Effect of Light on Plants 58
Instantaneous Light upon Ice 59
White Light from Zinc 59
Brilliant Light from 2 Metals
Brilliant Light from Steel 59
Lighted Tin 60
Light from Gilt Buttons 60
Light from a Blossom 60
Light from Sugar
Light from the Potato
Light from the Oyster
Light from Derbyshire Spar
Light from Oyster-shells

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