The Art of The Perfect Pitch (Selling Magic Tricks for Big Profits)


The Art of The Perfect Pitch (Selling Magic Tricks for Big Profits)

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Created by Jonathan Royle that in his former name of Alex-Leroy was (at the time) the youngest demonstrator that Marvins Magic had ever employed and become their most Effective that season and certainly one of their most effective of all time. If you have actually ever would like to know how you can facilitate cash demonstrating and selling Magic techniques, Pitch Things and various other Uniqueness after that this is the book for you. You'll even find out some keys regarding Conversational Hypnosis and how you can arguably "Hypnotize" people out of their cash. This is a straight to the factor no B.S. publication which teaches you real inside keys of this art. You will certainly also discover the resources of various other reference materials which are normally really difficult to acquire. As well as certainly you will certainly find out where to resource all the products to sell at the most affordable possible rates so you make maximum earnings. Together with Royles attempted, tested and proven to work real life revenue generating Pitch Manuscripts and Psychological Methods to ensure maximum sales. THE ART OF THE BEST PITCH (Insider Tricks of Throwing & Marketing Magic & Novelties for Big Profits) "This is without a doubt the most effective publication I have actually ever read on pitching magic. I will certainly be using this info to pitch to the general public. Well worth the rate asked for the book." Devin A Knight (Master Magician, Hypnotist & Mind reader) "There's a lot of beneficial info here. I pitched Svengalis, three-card techniques and mugs and sponge collections myself for many years and this is certainly a publication I would certainly advise to anyone that wishes to work as a wonderful pitchman." Russell J. Hall (Magick Enterprises - Sheffield) "Undeniably the most insightful publication I have actually ever read on how you can Pitch and Sell Magic for Big Profits. If you can not make on your own large cash regularly after reviewing this publication after that it's time for you to obtain an appropriate work!" Carl De Rome (Norway's Leading Illusionist) "I had the opportunity to have a look at the "Perfect Pitch" publication by Jonathan Royle and I have to say that I really enjoyed reviewing his the real world experiences researched and discussed to assist boost anyone's selling skills. Loved the believing behind the suggestions of using laughs and certain hypnosis techniques to obtain people in the appropriate way of thinking of "getting". In this publication you can locate a lot of sources and pointers on how you can take your selling capacities to a much better level. It obtained me believing and I can't wait to try Jonathan's suggestions out! Great work!" Jay Di Biase-- (Creator of Rock, Paper, Lies) "I 'd definitely recommend to anyone that wishes to demo Svengali deck's or is launching Throwing and Selling Magic that this publication is a must-read!" Lee Hathaway-- (Award Winning Magician & Pitch Artist) "Jonathan Royle is the REAL DEAL, he absolutely understands exactly what he is discussing, since he has DONE IT! If you wish to pitch ANYTHING, you will certainly find out EXACTLY exactly what you need to do, exactly what to say, & how you can establish all of it up. Jonathan has really thought about how you can make himself SUCCESSFUL, and now he shares his keys with YOU. I completely advise exactly what he is offering, well done Jonathan" Mike Danata - (British Magician & Magic Supplier) EVALUATION FROM MAGICAL PITCHMAN MARK LEWIS. Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith is quite a personality. However after that you have to be a little bit of a personality to be in the pitch service! I rejoice that I had some influence in his success at pitching magic but he has adapted my approaches to his own needs and actually so must every person that reads this job. I have actually reviewed his manuscript and was struck by all the tricks and selling techniques which have actually been used in British flea market for generations. I acknowledged a lot of the pitches. Market pitchers recognize exactly what they are doing and so does Jonathan. In short I advise that you get this publication. MARK LEWIS - (The Legendary Magician & Pitch Artist) As the testimonials over illustrate this is arguably the most effective publication on Throwing and Selling Magic Techniques and various other Uniqueness that has ever been written or launched.

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