The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic or How to Become a Wizard

The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic or How to Become a Wizard
The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic or How to Become a Wizard (click images to enlarge)

The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic or How to Become a Wizard

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The Tricks of Conjuring and also Magic or Ways To Become a Wizard is among the most remarkable publications ever covered the art of phase magic, illusion.It explains in detail the' ins 'and also 'outs' of the craft as well as showes, detailed, how to do one of the most appealing magic tricks ever performed.WHO IS THIS PUBLICATION

FOR?If you have actually ever wished to end up being an illusionist, find out behind the scenes secrets of magic tricksand also impression or simply want to impress your pals at a celebration with some cool tricks, this book is a must-read for you.WHAT WILL CERTAINLY YOU DISCOVER IN THIS BOOK?In this book you'll have accessibility to behind the scenes information and also detailed

explanation of best magic tricks ever

, which include card tricks, coin tricks and also sleigh of hand, to name simply a few.Have a look at the contents: The Art of Conjuring The Hand Regulations and also Directions for the Execution of Numerous Sleights with CoinsDisappearance using the Sleeve Gestures A Few Of The Coin Techniques: The Melting Coin The Traveling

Coins The Multiplication of Money The Intelligent Coin The Golden

  • Coin in a Supper Roll Card Techniques and also Various Other Magic Tricks: Card Sleights False Shuffles The Partial Shuffle The Fan Shuffle To Obtain View of
  • a Card The
  • Single-Handed Pass-- New Method The Single-Handed Pass made with the Tips of the Fingers To Adjustment a Card

  • with one Hand To Toss a Card To Springtime the Cards from Hand to Hand The Cards Simultaneously Passed On
  • Tricks with Cards:

    • The Ladies'Looking Glass The Considerate Cards The Amazed Cards
    • The Power of the Will The Mesmerised Cards The Metamorphoses A Magical Makeover The Card Thought Of Thought Anticipated The Thoughts of Two Persons Expected The 4 Aces The Card
    • in the Pocket-Book The Traveling Aces
    • and also Kings The Protean Load of Cards To Palm Corks, Lumps
    • of Sugar, and also other Items of small size A Digestive Treat-- To Consume Corks The Chinese Rings

      • The Crystal Balls The Cannon-Ball Technique The Plumes and also Shower of
      • Sweets The Mugs and also Spheres
      • If you are significant regarding learning
      • magic and also card tricks from
      • a fabulous
      • magician and also illusionist, this book
      • is an outright have to check out
      • . Get your copy now and also I
      • 'll see you beyond!

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